Wolf Corner Sculpture
$36.00                 3" x 6.5"

Brown Bear Cub: Shelf Sitter
$22.00                   2.5" x 4"

Polar Bear: Corner Sculpture
$42.00                  8" x 10"

Brown Bear: Shelf Sitter
$42.00                   5" x 9"

Shelf & Corner

Black Bear Cub: Shelf Sitter
$22.00                   2.5" x 4"

Raccoon Corner Sculpture
$42.00                   5" x 7"

Black Bear: Shelf Sitter
$42.00                   5" x 9"

Add an extra touch of nature to unexpected places: above your doorway, on your mantel, bookshelf, your photo frame, and computer top. Shelf sculptures are designed to hang over the edge of a shelf with Velcro attachment for reinforcement. Corner sculptures attach over the corner of your door molding with velcro and two-way tape attachment for reinforcement. All are executed in wood resin and hand-painted with acrylic polymers.