What is a limited edition sculpture?
Limited edition sculptures are replicas of the original porcelain sculptures. They are numbered and sold in limited quantities and each comes with a certificate of authenticity. Once the last number is sold, the sculpture is retired. The original sculpture from which the castings were made may be purchased if available. You can check availability by contacting us directly.

Can I request my favorite birds to be added to a sculpture?
Yes, some sculptures are versatile and can be customized. You can select your favorite birds to be sculpted and mounted on the wildlife table, wall, and lamp sculptures. Please contact us for a consultation.

Do you do repairs?
Yes, I can repair most sculptures for a fee by reattaching the broken pieces, sculpting, and repainting the surface. The restoration process is easier if you send the broken pieces with the sculpture. I am only set up to repair my sculptures. Sculptures by other artists cannot be repaired.

Can we request a commissioned sculpture?
Yes, commissioned sculptures are welcome. The price will be influenced by the size, the complexity, and the time it takes to execute your original sculpture. Contact us with your ideas and an estimate will be returned by e-mail.